LEI Featured in Electrical Apparatus Magazine - "Hiring During a Pandemic".

LEI Featured in Electrical Apparatus Magazine -

Trying to find the right fit for your shop is difficult enough under “normal” circumstances. Add in a restrictive and uncertain pandemic, and it’s even tougher.

Layco Electric Innovations, based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, tackled social distancing, frequent disinfection, and split shifts to protect their employees from Covid-19. The pre-cautions, however, meant the company had to reapproach its hiring strategies to accommodate new rules and restrictions.

“We have documented cleaning of all community surfaces twice each day; documented temperature assessment of each employee each day; documented exposure assessment and notification; doubled weekly deep cleaning of the entire facility; installed shields in community areas to encourage distancing; as well as asked all visitors to fill out a questionnaire and given a fever assessment,” said Mike Lay, President of Layco Electric Innovations (LEI).

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